Amateur radio station for London
to celebrate the London 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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Severe marketing restrictions surrounding the Olympics have meant that the organising team could not benefit from any commercial sponsorship and we are therefore extremely grateful for all contributions, large and small, to the project.

Our very grateful thanks to the following supporters: Cray Valley RS, Newbury & District RS, Chiltern DX Club, G3NUG, G3TXF, G3RGS, Plextek Ltd, G3BNE, G3SXE, G4FON, G4WNF, G4BUO, G0FDZ, Howard Communications, Prolific Web Design, M0MCV, G8IPY, M0KSJ, G0UKN, G3GJW, G0FDP, G8MCA, G3SPJ, G8ITB, 2E0OCD, G8PJF, G4NOW


Many hundreds of hours of volunteer time have been expended to bring this project to fruition. Below are potted biographies of some of the organising committee.


Bob Treacher M0MCV - Team Leader  Bob is no stranger to organising high profile special event stations, having led the three major events previously undertaken by Cray Valley Radio Society - M2000A, GB50 and GB200T. Now licensed as M0MCV, Bob was first licensed in 2003 as M3RCV. Before that he was a leading SWL, writing for RSGB's Radio Communication magazine for many years as BRS32525. Bob enjoys contesting and DXing. He has enjoyed success in many contests, including CQWW, CQWPX, IOTA and the RDXC contests, and has worked 214 DXCC using 100w and simple antennas.


Dave Lawley G4BUO - HF Manager  First licensed in 1973, Dave's primary interest is contesting but he also enjoys DXing and rag-chewing on CW. He is a member of the successful M6T, M8C, G0FBB and G3GRS contesting teams, and represented the UK in three WRTC competitions spanning 20 years: Seattle in 1990, Slovenia in 2000 and Moscow in 2010.

Dave was previously HF Manager at M2000A, GB50 and GB200T and like before, he is responsible for the design and installation of all parts of 2O12L below 30MHz.


Chris Whitmarsh G0FDZ - VHF Manager   First licensed in 1969 as G8CIU, Chris has been involved in most aspects of amateur radio over the years, but has always found the spectrum above 30MHz to be of greatest interest. He has operational equipment covering all amateur bands from 137kHz to 134GHz, but the current activity is to be found mainly on the microwave bands.

A keen contester, he has been actively involved with M8C, the Windmill Contest Group from its inception and the Northern Lights CG, and is mainly involved with the organisational side of contest events. He is the beacon keeper for GB3VHF and a member of RSGB, UK Microwave Group and BATC, and is well placed to understand the broad scene for VHF and above.

He has previously been the VHF Manager for the successful M2000A, GB50 and GB200T stations where he was involved in the provision of the VHF stations, and a member of the core organising team.


Kevin Jennings M0KSJ - Exhibition Manager and Treasurer   Kevin’s interest in radio began as a youngster in the 60s listening to shortwave broadcast stations and inevitably this led to the discovery of the world of amateur radio. With interest in amateur radio lit, a gap of some 40 years unfolded while pursuing a career before returning to take the UK Foundation licence in 2006, Intermediate in 2007 and Full in 2008 – just in time for early retirement! Kevin is interested in all aspects of amateur radio, especially promoting the hobby through special event stations and has been an active member of Cray Valley RS since being licensed.


Toby Tiesdell-Smith 2E0TBO - IT Manager  Toby gained his Foundation licence in May 2010 on his return back to the UK after 8½ years working at sea on cruise ships.  He has been working in IT for over 20 years in infrastructure builds and networking.  Currently an Intermediate licence holder 2E0TBO.  A member of Whitton Amateur Radio Group, Toby is an active member of the M2W contesting team.


John Warburton G4IRN - Press Officer  John started in the hobby at 12 years old as a Short Wave Listener; allied with an interest in electronics, this naturally led to taking the Radio Amateur Examination and Morse code test at the age of 15. He was licensed in September 1979 as G4IRN but was only active for about 3 or 4 years until education, world travel and a working career became priorities in life.

In 2001, John built a new station and contacted some local hams who rejuvenated his interest in CW DX'ing and contesting; these are the areas where John's radio interests now lie. 

Since coming back into the hobby John has done some travelling, operating with the call-signs 7P8RN, C56/G4IRN, S79IRN, FH/G4IRN, 3DA0RN, ZS6/G4IRN, 9H3RN, TZ6RN, ZB2/G4IRN, EA9/G4IRN, TF/G4IRN,G4IRN/VK6 and 5B/G4IRN amongst others. He’s been a guest-op at P3F, HV0A and 1A0KM, is a regular operator in the RSGB’s contest team GR2HQ and has been a past member of the Voodoo Contest Group, operating twice from TZ5A and 3X5A in the CQWW CW contest.

John has taken the role of Publicity Officer on the 2O12L organising team. Professionally, he is a freelance IT Service Management Consultant and other hobbies include skiing and windsurfing. 

Nigel Peacock G4KIU - New Media  Nigel started as a short wave listener back in the sixties and was first licensed in 1978. His main interests are HF contests and DX chasing on SSB. He has travelled and operated on a number of DXpeditions, including D68C (Comoros), K8T & K8O (American Samoa) and 3B9C (Rodrigues Island). Nigel's second home is in the South Cook Islands on the island of Rarotonga, where he can be heard from time to time with his local call, E51SC.

Mark Haynes M0DXR - Operations Manager   Mark was first licenced aged 12 in 1996 as 2E1ERN and later that year upgraded to 2E0APH. M0DXR was obtained in 2000. The RSGBs last Young Amateur of the Year in 1999. He is a keen and active contester and DX operator. Member of DXpeditions: D68C (Comoros 2001), FT5XO (Kerguelen 2005) and was leader of 8Q7ZZ (Maldives 2002). Mark likes to promote amateur radio and specifically help those fresh in to the hobby to appreciate the thrill of contesting. Proud member of CVRS, FOC, RSGB, CDXC.


Dave Shaw G4NOW - Scouts Liaison


Frank Rhodes G4WNF - QSL Manager


Jan Roberts M3UJR - Schools Liaison


Cliff Ayling G4HSU - Transport




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