Amateur radio station for London
to celebrate the London 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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  1. QSL Information for 2O12L
    Our QSL Manager is Frank Rhodes G4WNF
    248 Woolwich Road
    West Heath
    London SE2 0DW

    Frank’s address is correct in current callbooks and can also be found at
  2. QSL Policy
    To avoid flooding the RSGB QSL bureau with unwanted cards, we will QSL all incoming cards only. As long as the QSO details correspond with our station log, we will QSL all requests 100%.
  3. QSL paths
    1. Direct
      Cards that are sent direct to the QSL Manager's address will receive a direct reply. However, cards with no return postage will receive replies via the RSGB bureau.
      Direct QSL rules are:
      1. A self addressed envelope shall be provided. Self addressed labels are not acceptable.
      2. QSL requests from the UK shall have at least one second class stamp affixed or include one properly stamped, new style IRC.
      3. Applications from EU countries should include at least one properly stamped new style IRC (Multiple QSO requests shall include at least one additional properly stamped new style IRC).
      4. Applications from non-EU countries should include at least US $2 or 2 properly stamped new style IRC (Multiple QSO requests shall include at least US $1 or one additional properly stamped new style IRC).
      5. A QSL request for multiple QSOs on more than one QSL card MUST include full additional return postage.
      6. Any QSL request not complying with points 1 – 5 will be returned via the RSGB bureau.
      7. Please send 6in x 4in 15cm x 10cm light weight airmail envelopes to keep postage costs to a minimum.
    2. RSGB Bureau
      QSL cards received by the RSGB bureau will be returned the same way.
    3. e-mail QSL requests
      G4WNF will accept requests for a QSL card by e-mail to Full QSO details must be given. All requests shall be QSLed via the RSGB bureau.
  4. SWL QSL cards We will QSL all SWL reports 100% in accordance with the above only if all QSO details correspond to the 2O12L log. SWLs are encouraged to report at least two consecutive QSOs made by 2O12L on any band.
  5. Timeline Replies to direct cards will start to be sent in early September 2012. Logs will be uploaded to LOTW regularly.


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