Amateur radio station for London
to celebrate the London 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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Preferred operating frequencies have been announced for 2O12L. These are guidelines only, we will choose frequencies to avoid QRM to other band users. Check the cluster or, even better, turn the tuning dial!



1.833, 1.843 MHz


3.523, 3.783 MHz


7.023, 7.043, 7.083, 7.143 MHz


10.103 MHz


14.023, 14.073, 14.173, 14.273 MHz


18.083, 18.103, 18.133 MHz


21.023, 21.083, 21.283 MHz


24.903, 24.923, 24.963 MHz


28.023, 28.083, 28.483 MHz


50.093, 50.133 MHz

4m (SSB)

70.200 MHz, then QSY

4m (FM)

70.450 MHz, then QSY

2 m (SSB)

144.293 MHz

2m (FM)

145.500 MHz, then QSY


The stations at 2O12L have been designed to enable simultaneous operation on three HF bands and two VHF bands. We will initally be active on SSB and CW only, but after about two weeks on the air we will start to operate datamodes - RTTY and PSK31 only.


Much of the equipment in use at the station comes from the Cray Valley club or from members and supporters and we are extremely grateful to them for making these items available.


HF1 – 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

  • Yaesu FT2000 kindly loaned by G3NUG
  • Acom 1000 kindly loaned by G3RGS
  • Yaesu Quadra kindly loaned by Newbury & District ARS
  • Dunestar 6-band filter
  • WinKey kindly loaned by 2E0TBO

HF2 – 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m

  • Yaesu FT1000MP
  • Yaesu Quadra kindly loaned by Newbury & District ARS
  • Yaesu FL2100Z amplifier
  • Dunestar 6-band filter

HF Antennas shared between HF1 and HF2

  • 160m dipole at 70ft
  • Broadband 80m inverted V dipole at 55ft
  • 40m 2-el Create yagi at 55ft
  • 20m 4-el monoband yagi at 72ft
  • 15m 4-el monoband yagi at 82ft; dipole 60ft
  • 10m 4-el monoband yagi at 65ft

HF3 – 30, 17, 12m

  • Icom IC756PROIII
  • Alpha 89 kindly loaned by G3TXF
  • 30m dipole at 60ft
  • 17m/12m 2-el quad at 65ft kindly loaned by G0VJG
  • Individual W3NQN bandpass filters kindly loaned by G0OPB
  • WinKey kindly loaned by G4IRN

VHF1 – 6m

  • Yaesu FT450 kindly loaned by CDXC
  • 7-el Trident yagi at 40ft kindly loaned by G4TSH
  • Pump-up mast kindly loaned by G8ZZK

VHF2 – 4m, 2m

  • Yaesu FT847 for 2m kindly loaned by G4WNF
  • FT757 and ME4-T transverter for 4m
  • 17-el 2m yagi at 36ft
  • 6-el 4m yagi at 35ft


  • Logging software is Win-Test.


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