Amateur radio station for London
to celebrate the London 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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This page will be kept updated with pictures as the project progresses. All pictures are copyright 2012 Cray Valley Radio Society.

sunset with aerials

Sunset on the first day of operation. Left to right: Plextek 60ft tower supporting 2el 40m beam and 10m beam, pump-up mast supporting 4m yagi, 80ft tower supporting 4el 20m and 4el 15m, 60ft tower supporting quad for 17/12m. 2m yagi is off the picture to the left, and you can just see part of the 6m yagi on the right

Celebration at 60k QSOs

The target of 60,000 QSOs was reached late on Friday 31st August. Project Leader Bob M0MCV and HF Manager Dave G4BUO mark the occasion


20m 4el yagi, with 15m above


A multiband quad with only the 17m and 12m elements installed is used on HF3

WARC band station

This is station HF3, dedicated to the WARC bands and using the above quad antenna

Olof G0CKV

Olof G0CKV operating HF3 on 30m CW

40m yagi

A Create 2-element yagi is used on 40m. The antenna above is 4el for 10m

Graham M0PTD

Graham M0PTD operating station HF1 on 20m


The new RSGB General Manager, Graham G0NBI visited, and made some QSOs on HF1


Congratulating Matthew, 2E0MER, on passing the Morse course conducted by Smudge, G3GJW

Team picture

Some of the 2O12L team. L to R Wilf G0WLF, Smudge G3GJW, Frank G4WNF, Cliff G4HSU, Bob M0MCV, Dave G4BUO, Graham M0PTD, John G4IRN, Graham G0NBI, Kevin M0KSJ, Frank G1FDP, Richard G8ITB, Guy G0UKN, Tom G1FAD

2m yagi

17el 2m yagi

4m yagi

7el 4m yagi

6m yagi

Trident 7el 6m yagi

N0bby G0VJG

Nobby G0VJG grabbed a few hours of operation at the WARC bands station before heading off to EU-011 for the IOTA Contest

Opening ceremony

Team members and guests at the opening while G4BUO makes the initial QSOs


The Mayor of Greenwich and Clive Efford MP chatting with Judy Smith MBE at the opening ceremony, watched by project leader Bob Treacher, M0MCV



2O12L cake was cut at the opening ceremony

10m yagi

Toby 2E0TBO mounting the 10m yagi above the 40m beam, helped by Marco CU3DJ and Mark G4AXX

team at the torch relay

Some members of the team at the Olympic Torch Relay in Eltham on Saturday 21st July.

Left to right Frank G0FDP, Guy G0UKN, Bob M0MCV, Toby 2E0TBO, Dave G4BUO, Dave G4NOW


 GB200T antenna at the National Maritime Museum

The antenna mast at GB200T, which we operated in October 2005 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Like 2O12L, the station was located in the London Borough of Greenwich. The site was the National Maritime museum, and here you see the 20m guyed mast 'dressed overall' with signal flags. All bands 80m-70cm were operational from this station, using a number of antennas on one mast.


Another cub scout talking on 40m, helped by M3CVN and Richard, G3YJW. © National Maritime Museum, London.

 A feature of all our demonstration stations is to encourage members of the public to pass greetings messages. Here, a cub scout is being assisted by Simon M3CVN and Richard G3YJW.


HRH Prince Philip visiting the GB50 Golden Jubilee station at Windsor Castle.



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